Absurd WM ruling: Valorant bug causes outcry against Riot

A misinteraction by a Killjoy tower turned the lower bracket match between XSET and FPX neatly on its head. We explain what happened.

At a VALORANT Champions 2022 playoff match in Istanbul, a not-so-unknown bug caused a lot of confusion in a match between XSET and FunPlus Phoenix. We explain to you what happened and why fans are now protesting against Riot’s decision.

The situation

During the match between XSET and FPX, a crucial 2-on-3 situation occurred with the score at 11 to 12. The attacking team XSET was outnumbered and defended the already placed spike. When the defenders (FPX) showed themselves, the gun turret of the agent Killjoy reacted and attacked them.

But due to a bug, the turret ended up shooting once in a completely different direction than the one FPX players were coming from. As a result, XSET changed their defensive strategy and one player looked in the “wrong” direction.

FPX managed to eliminate all members of XSET, won the round and thus the game.

Riot Games decides to replay the round

After a brief period of deliberation, the World Championship organisers have decided to replay the round due to the error.

Despite replay in favour of XSET, FPX still managed to win the match in the end.

Spectators unhappy with decision

This decision, however, was met with plenty of headwinds, not least from match-winner FPX, for whom it was the last round before their victory.

It is known that Killjoy’s turret resets to its original position as soon as it sees no more enemies. This apparently also happened in this situation.

Many Twitter and Reddit users therefore see it as a wrong decision that the round was repeated.

XSET now victim of allegations

Although XSET says it did not complain about the bug and allegedly had nothing to do with the decision regarding the replay, there is a fierce online rant against the team.

In a post-match press conference, the players commented thus:

The players and the team’s coach stress that they would be similarly frustrated in the same situation, but affirm that they had no influence on the decision made by Riot.

Nonetheless, XSET received many spiteful comments following the match and press conference.

Stabbings of FunPlus Phoenix are also involved and do not necessarily make the situation towards XSET relax.

How this situation will affect future games and bugs during tournaments remains to be seen. In any case, there is still a lot of discussion about Riot’s decision at the moment

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