Big changes in VALORANT Patch 5.01 – These agents have been hit

Patch 5.01 should make Phoenix, KAY/O and Yoru more popular again. That’s why there were some buffs for them.

Patch 5.01 has been online since 12 July and could shake up the meta quite a bit. Agents Phoenix, KAY/O and Yoru in particular have been hit this time. The adjustments could now make them more popular again. Smurfs will also have a harder time in the future.

Phoenix still too weak according to developers

The Flash of Phoenix  “Nasty Throw” has a buff

 received. However, since his other abilities build on this according to the developers, almost his entire kit received small adjustments. Thus, Phoenix should be able to better fulfil his role as a duelist and open up spaces more easily.

  • “Nasty Throw (Q)”: Max. Duration of glare increased from 1.1 sec. to 1.5 sec.
  • “Nasty Throw (Q)”: Glare recharge time reduced from 0.7 sec. to 0.5 sec.
  • “Wall of Flame (C)”: Weapon is back in Phoenix hand more quickly after use 
  • “Revenge (X)”: After expiration, Phoenix appears with the same shield points at the mark he had before

KAY/O runs under the radar from now on

The developers have admitted to themselves that KAY/Os capabilities are not entirely clear. This has now been adjusted, thus “showing him some love”. Adjusting his audio also brings new ways of fooling opponents in the game.

  • “FRAG/ment” (C): Diameter of damage zone reduced from 10 metres to 8 metres
  • “FRAG/ment” (C): Damage is now caused also without line of sight 
  • “NULL/cmd” (X):  sounds when reviving can only hear allies  opponents hear only short audio signal when starting 

Yoru drifts longer into other dimensions

According to the developers, an adjustment to Yoru’s Ultimate “dimensional drift” should allow players to “implement their grand plan during the Ult”. With a faster cancel option, players should be rewarded if they use their flash during.

  • “Dimension Drift” (X): Duration increased from 10 sec. to 12 sec.
  • “Dimensional drift” (X): Abort time decreased from 1.2 sec. to 0.8 sec.

    Test phase for new smurf detection system

    Smurfs are also a big problem in VALORANT and Riot wants to counteract this more. Newly created accounts are to be scrutinised more closely and thus placed in the appropriate skill level more quickly. So the Smurfs will end up in their original Elo faster than before. However, there will only be a test phase on the North American servers for the time being.

      The shaking has ended

      Many players will have breathed a sigh of relief at this line in the patch notes: Finally, collision behaviour with allied agents has been improved! Should you now rush shoulder-to-shoulder with your teammates into a square, your screen won’t flicker as badly as before.

      In addition, the new map Pearl is now included in the Rankings rotation.

      Furthermore, there were a few small bug fixes in game modes, chat and with some agents. You can read the complete patch notes ~ (here).

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