Cyber attack on Riot Games! – This is how the hack attempt affects LoL

After a security leak occurred at Riot Games last week, the release of the new LoL patch 13.2 could be delayed.

At the beginning of last week, Riot Games experienced a social engineering attack on their development department. According to the LoL developer, no intrusion has been detected so far, but patches of various games might be delayed a little.

Patches might be delayed

On 20 January, Riot informed their community via Twitter that there had been a cyber-attack on their software department. This was apparently a social engineering attack.

So far, however, there is no cause for concern, because according to Riot, no personal information or passwords were stolen.

Although no player data has been stolen, there may be delays in updates. These will also affect the new LoL patch that should go live on 25 January.

Despite this, Riot is working to implement the majority of the announced changes in a timely manner.

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