Dismissal for chat insults – LoL community argues about Schalke decision

After Schalke 04 Esports suspended its jungler Isma just hours before the EU Masters, professionals and LoL players:inside argue about the proportionality of the dismissal.

After the expulsion of Schalke youngster Ismail “Isma” Boualem for toxic chat behaviour in the solo cue, the LoL scene is discussing Schalke 04’s decision. The focus of the discussion is the question to what extent toxicity should have consequences for professionals. Even LoL professionals are controversial in their opinions.

Schalke 04 had announced the suspension of its young player Isma on Monday, just hours before their first match in the EU Masters. It later emerged that this was due to insults Isma had written to a teammate in the solo cue.

“An insult in the world of League of Legends may have a different weight than in the world in which we operate as Schalke 04. However, we try to make it unmistakably clear at all times: We do not stand for hate and toxic behaviour,” Schalke clarified in a statement on Twitter on Wednesday.

Fierce discussion about proportionality

The LoL community continues to fiercely debate the suspension. Top laner Scarface from Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition wrote on Twitter that Schalke’s decision was “not at all the direction to go with such misconduct.” He said he could understand the suspension, but thought the player’s work should be respected. Other voices from the community argue that the expulsion punishes not only Isma but the entire Schalke 04 team and is therefore disproportionate.

On the other hand, many professionals and players:inside praise Schalke’s consistency. “As a professional who is supposed to be a role model and lead by example, such behaviour should not be allowed,” ex-Fnatic youngster Broxah wrote on Twitter. “Props to the organisation for sticking to these values and standards in a world that seems to need a little reminder.”

“It’s a shitty situation for the players but it’s not Schalke’s fault but Isma’s,” tweeted “Skyflap”, coach of Prime League Div 2 team Kaufland Hangry Knights. “I think there needs to be an URGENT rethink here, flamers belong ostracised, not supported!” wrote LoL influencer Johnny.


Isma has apologised for his behaviour via Twitter. He said he was sorry for what he had said and wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again.

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