EA Sports confirms anti-cheat system for FIFA 23

The PC version of FIFA has been struggling with cheat:ins for some time. Developer EA Sports introduces the new EA AntiCheat in FIFA 23.

Even the FIFA games have not remained unscathed by cheaters. Especially on the PC platform EA Sports has to struggle with the problem. Therefore, according to a (Blogpost) from the developer on Tuesday, there will be a new anti-cheat system for FIFA 23.

According to the post, EA Sports’ Game Security and Anti-Cheat team was adamant about protecting FIFA players:in the best interest possible. However, over the years, cheating using a kernel model increased sharply. Because of this there will be the EA AntiCheat (EAAC) for the PC version of FIFA 23.

EA’s anti-cheat system is designed to detect and block cheats in the kernel model. For other anti-cheat programs such cheats are often invisible. However, the EAAC also blocks other software modifications and mods from the community.

While the players:inside have the possibility to uninstall the Anti-Cheat-System, but then it is not possible to start FIFA 23 anymore. The EAAC will also be active in the single player mode, because according to EA Sports the cheaters and hackers are experimenting with game files there. However, the developer assures that the anti-cheat system will not worsen the gameplay and game experience.

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