FIFA 23 Anti-Cheat fails – Hacker shows how easy it is to cheat in FIFA 23

Just one click and the game is won: This cheat could spoil online matches in FIFA 23 for players on all platforms.

FIFA 23 is not spared from cheating attempts. One cheat in particular at the start of the game is causing headaches.

This is what the problem looks like: The cheater only needs one click, then the ball teleports into his opponent’s goal and the connection is broken. The hacker wins the game. There is no way for his opponent to defend himself against the cheating.

A series of tweets published on Sunday reveals how easy cheating is in FIFA 23. According to the Twitter user “@AsarJR_” he had gained access to a Discord server where cheats for FIFA 23 are sold. Another user named “BasePro” showed him his cheat program via stream. Asar published the videos on Twitter.

In addition to the tool for teleporting the ball and cancelling the game, which is called “auto-win” in the cheat program, other functions can be seen in the videos. Among other things, the cheater can presumably cheat any team to the full team chemistry of 33/33.

A list of functions also published in the Twitter thread indicates that the program makes even more cheats in FIFA 23 possible. Among other things it should offer the possibility to play against players from much lower divisions to get easy victories.

Although the cheat is presumably only applicable on PC, it can have effects for users of all platforms, because FIFA 23 offers crossplay for the first time.

With this, EA Sports’ highly praised anti-cheat system EAAC seems to reveal its first weak points. It had already caused frustration for players on PC, as they could not start the game because of the anti-cheat.

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