FIFA 23 Web App: Release, Login and Content – all info

When is the launch of the FIFA 23 Web App? We answer all important questions about the release of the FIFA 23 app.

It won’t be long until FIFA 23 will be launched at the end of the month – because of a leak first players could already play it for two hours. Now that the PC version is finally getting the long-awaited next-gen graphics, the football game could also become more exciting for PC players again!

An important tool for all fans are the Web App and the Companion App, which let you manage your team even when you can’t log into the game.

When the game starts, what exactly awaits you and who can take part are explained in this article.

FIFA 23 Web App: All important info

Release: When is the launch of the FIFA 23 Web App?

EA has now officially announced the launch of the Web App for FIFA 23: The FUT Web App for FIFA 23 will be released on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 

Start time: Last year the web app was released at 7pm German time. We expect this to be the same again this year.

The Companion App for FIFA 23 will be released one day later, so on September 22, 2022

By the way you can see the already mentioned graphic improvements of FIFA 23 on PC in the trailer:

Log-in: How can I participate in the FIFA 23 Web App?

The access to the FIFA 22 Web App can be found on the (website of EA Sports). The login link hasn’t changed for years – if you have already saved it in your bookmarks, nothing will change.

However, you have to fulfil certain conditions for a successful participation, because not everyone can join directly at the start of the web app. The most important requirement is that you have already managed a FUT Club in FIFA 22. As a rule, you must have founded this club by mid-August. If this is not the case, you can only use the Web App after you have played the FUT mode for the first time in FIFA 23.

However you can’t change the platform: If you want to change from PlayStation 4 to PC because you want to experience the new graphics engine, you have to create a completely new team, which is only possible in the game itself. In doing so, you will also lose any loyalty bonuses that you may have collected by playing the previous game.

Content: What offers the FIFA 22 Web App?

With the Web App you can do all the tasks you normally do in the game – apart from the matches of course. For example, you can open your first packs from your browser and assemble your teams to be ready for release.

The most important features of the FIFA 22 Web App are as follows:

  • Buy and sell players on the transfer market
  • Determine line-ups and individual tactics
  • View challenges and redeem completed tasks
  • Squad Building Challenges (SBC) can be completed
  • Customise your player cards with style cards
  • Customise cosmetics such as kits, crests and fan chants

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