Mega-Fail in VALORANT Masters Trailer! Riot uses wrong logo for world champion “Acend”

Embarrassing mix-up: In the new trailer for the VALORANT Masters Copenhagen, the logo of world champion “Acend” has been swapped with that of an inactive organisation.

The new trailer for the VALORANT Masters Copenhagen has been causing quite a stir since 10 July, because Riot Games has made an embarrassing mistake. Instead of including the logo of the reigning VALORANT champion “Acend”, the producers switched the logo with that of the now inactive Esports organisation “Ascent Esports”.

Here’s the full trailer:

At about 40 seconds, a statue of Agent Chamber is shown holding just not the logo of “Acend”, but the somewhat similar logo of “Ascent Esports“.

Wyatt River, the owner of the misrepresented organisation, took it all in humour and directly shared their new title on Twitter as VALORANT – Champions.

How Riot, of all people, could mix up their reigning champions is not clear, especially since “Ascent” was a former Team Fortress 2 team and has never participated in a VALORANT tournament.

So far, no one from the organisers has commented on the mix-up, but the fail has already made the rounds on Twitter.

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