Most annoying agent ever is finally generated – VALORANT community celebrates

One of the most annoying agents in VALORANT is finally generated with patch 5.03. In the shooter from Riot Games, Chamber finally receives a beating.

In VALORANT, patch 5.03 went live on Tuesday and brings a lot of changes to the game. Chamber has been considered overpowered for a long time and gets a nerf with the update.

For a long time Chamber has dominated the matches in VALORANT with his firepower. In addition, his Rendezvous skill was considered overpowered. However, the teleport skill has now received some adjustments with the patch: The cooldown was increased from 20 to 30 seconds and the range also had to lose something. The nerf seems to have been well received by the community.

The agent has already been a huge pain in the ass for many players. For some time, Chamber was considered completely overpowered. For the Twitter user “ItzCr1m3” it couldn’t have gone any better: “Better this way, Chamber is a dirty agent and only gets on your nerves. Other VALORANT players, on the other hand, find the nerf a bit too much:

“Finally. Even though I have to say that all of this together might have been a bit much,” Twitter user “TendoBoyMagHeal” rejoices, while at the same time admitting that the changes were slightly exaggerated. Due to the drastic changes, the community does not consider it improbable that a small buff could even follow in the near future.

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