Salvation for LoL Ranked? Wild Rift feature prevents first-timing in Legendary queue

In the mobile game Wild Rift there is now a new rule for the Legendary-Queue. Many League of Legends players would also like to see this for the solo cue in LoL.

In the mobile game League of Legends – Wild Rift, a feature is now being introduced that should significantly improve the quality of play in the Legendary Queue. A minimum number of Champion Mastery points should prevent players from playing a Champion in the Legendary Queue for the very first time. Many League of Legends players would now like to see this restriction in the Ranked Queue for LoL as well.

Minimum Mastery points required

The developers of Wild Rift are introducing a minimum value of Mastery Points that must be reached in order to be allowed to play a champion in the Legendary Queue. This is to prevent players from playing a Champion for the first time ever and potentially losing the game for the whole team.

Mastery points are points that players can earn by simply playing on the various champions. So by having a minimum value in the Legendary queue, it is assumed that players have a certain amount of experience with their picked champion.

LoL players want similar restrictions

In a Reddit thread, League of Legends players have now increasingly expressed the desire to introduce this mode for Ranked in the PC game as well. Because even in the solo queue you often meet other players who reveal in the chat that they are just trying out a new champion for the first time.

The rule is not applicable 1:1 to the solo queue in League of Legends. The Legendary Queue in Wild Rift is only accessible to players of Diamond rank and above. Thus, it is not directly comparable to the normal ranking list in League of Legends.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of discussion on Reddit about whether and how this function could be implemented in League of Legends.

The catch

Even though the new regulation seems sensible for the time being, Wild Rift players were quick to spot a crucial problem with it. For even in the mobile game it can happen that one is not allowed to play the role that one selected when entering the queue.

So if, for example, a player is “auto-filled” for the Jungle position and has not previously played a champion that can be played in the Jungle, in the worst case he would be forced to make a “troll pick”. This would then achieve exactly the opposite of what the new rule is supposed to avoid.

Exactly how the feature will be implemented in Wild Rift is not yet clear. In any case, the approach of the new regulation is largely met with approval in the community. However, Riot Games should definitely take the concerns and fears of the players into account.

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