This is what League of Legends tastes like! New cola flavour announced for gamers

Coca-Cola has already tried out some crazy flavours. Now there’s supposed to be a new Coke that tastes like League of Legends

Have you ever wondered what League of Legends tastes like? No? Never mind, you’ll soon be able to taste it all the same in the form of a new type of cola. Inspired by the popular MOBA, Coca-Cola Ultimate will be launched in June.

What is Coca-Cola Ultimate?

The soda-focused Twitter account “SodaSeekers” recently shared the soft drink’s latest creation: Coca-Cola Ultimate.

This is apparently a Coke inspired by League of Legends.

The Gamer Coke is available as a normal Coke as well as in a Zero version without sugar.

As salty as the League community?

Unfortunately, nothing is known yet about the exact taste of the cola variety. Let’s hope that the creators of Coca-Cola Ultimate didn’t take their cue from the League of Legends Community.

The subtitle “+ XP flavoured” indicates a kind of XP boost. What that means exactly for the flavour, however, is hard to say.

When will the LoL-Cola be launched?

According to the tweet from SodaSeekers, the cola should be available from 12 June. We can then find the gamer cola on supermarket shelves by 10 September.

It remains to be seen, however, whether Riot Games’ collaboration with Coca Cola will prove a success. The soft drink producer’s previous experimental outbreaks met with rather mixed feedback.

These included, for example, a cola that was modelled on the taste of the musician Marshmallow. The “Starlight” variety, which was supposed to taste like pineapple (or was it candyfloss?), also turned out to be more of a flop.

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