VALORANT Champions 2022 – How to get tickets

The VALORANT Champions 2022 are just around the corner. Tickets for the mega-event go on sale on Wednesday

The VALORANT Champions 2022 will kick off on 31 August and some days of the mega event will even have live audiences on site. From 24 August, VALORANT fans can secure a ticket for the tournament at the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul

From 31 August to 18 September, the World Championship will run in VALORANT in the metropolis of Turkey. From 9 September, even spectators are allowed on site, for which all fans can buy a ticket from Wednesday via (Ticketmaster). The group stage will still take place without a live audience, so it will only be from the playoffs onwards that fans will be able to follow the action on site.

The price of tickets for the VALORANT Champions 2022 varies between 100 and 200 Turkish Lira. On the final days, the community will have to pay around 11 euros for a seat in the Volkswagen Arena. In total, spectators can buy a maximum of four tickets per day.

16 teams will compete in the mega event to showcase their skills in the shooter from Riot Games. Acend, last year’s winning team, were unable to secure a spot for this year’s World Cup. Only eight teams can qualify for the playoffs in the group stage. All matches there will be played in a best-of-three format – except for the lower-bracket final and the grand final on 18 September, which will be played in a best-of-five format.

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